As a kid, my father told me that constantly. "Eso es Satanico" referred to Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, Garbage Pail Kids, and even Madballs. I tried to convince him that Scooby Doo wasn't 'satanico' because the monsters were actually angry old men who ran county fairs and not at all related to the devil or he-who-must-not-be-named.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Diarreah is my Lifestyle.

This would be my third attempt at posting my very first blog post and it isn’t even a particularly good one. I started my account at in hopes of finding a little inspiration in my friends’ writings and possibly writing on a more regular basis.

So far, it hasn’t worked.

Something did happen though, not at all related to this here blog. Someone asked me if I wanted to write music reviews for their magazine. He wanted short, concise, Punk Planet style record reviews. Free records aside, the temptation to see my name in print was too much for me to handle. I’ve written a short review, an audition of sorts to send to him.

Genghis Tron – Cloak of Love ep
Finally, a band with a relatively new take on things. Poughkeepsie, NY’s Genghis Tron play techy, high-pitched screaming grindcore not unlike that of Discordance Axis and they mix it with electronica. They switch genres several times throughout each song and amazingly enough, with all the extremely fast-to-slow tempo changes, it never gets tired. The electronica portions are extremely lush and sometimes downright lovely only to be cut away by ridiculous blast beats. In Cloak of Love, neither genre feels at all half-baked. Thankfully, the only thing about Cloak of Love that begs a complaint is it’s short length.

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