As a kid, my father told me that constantly. "Eso es Satanico" referred to Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, Garbage Pail Kids, and even Madballs. I tried to convince him that Scooby Doo wasn't 'satanico' because the monsters were actually angry old men who ran county fairs and not at all related to the devil or he-who-must-not-be-named.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Was it everything I needed it to be? In a word- Yes. Brandon Routh's spot on impersonation of Clark-Kent-by-way-of-Christopher-Reeve was almost eerie. Kevin Spacey, as usual, is unfuckwithable. He could do anything. There were a lot of moments of levity in Superman Returns and each of them was handled perfectly. I can't wait to see what Bryan Singer does with his upcoming Harvey Milk biopic.

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the infamous e said...

unfuckwithable? BRILLIANT.

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